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You might know me as an author, but there is more to my story than that. I am a longtime executive and mentor, and have been involved in everything from startups to high-growth companies to large publicly-traded firms to nonprofits. I am grateful for a career that gives me interesting work, challenge, intellectual stimulation, and incredible colleagues each and every day.

My thousands of mentoring discussions over the years became the basis for my first book: Manage Your Career: Learn Quickly, Avoid Pitfalls, and Start Your Career With Momentum.

Outside of the workplace, I am heavily involved in nonprofits ranging from local foundations to global organizations. I am a moderate health nut, and love to run, cycle, and try the latest fitness crazes. He and his family live in the Midwest and enjoy skiing, traveling, outdoors, and good food.

I am excited to share my hard-earned lessons and observations with you!

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